Dan Grabauskas Won’t Dump the Pump

If we had a choice between jamming ourselves into a sweltering trolley car or driving into work in air-conditioned comfort, listening to the music we like, and not being groped by pervs, we’d obviously choose the latter. So, we can’t really fault MBTA general manager Dan Grabauskas for commuting in the department SUV.


But we do take umbrage with his explanation as to why he forsakes the rails for the road.

“I do try to set an example by using the T within the city, but my schedule tends to be erratic. I need to be able to go anywhere at all times,” [Grabauskas] said.

Guess what, Dan? We feel the same way.

Whenever a bus blows by us without stopping, or shows up 15 minutes late, we rue the fact we can’t go anywhere at all times. When we wait so long for a Lechmere train after a concert lets out that people actually applaud when one shows up, we wish the system could accommodate our ‘erratic’ schedule.

The difference between our complaints and yours, is that you’re in a position to fix it. So keep on driving, if that’s what it takes to get the trains to run on time. But once you’ve got it all sorted out, we hope you’ll ditch the SUV for the Newburyport/Rockport Line. We hear it’s quite lovely.