Julie Donaldson’s Ordeal Continues

1215617899Yesterday, Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson got some good news and some bad news. Her allegedly abusive boyfriend, SlamBall player Ivan Lattimore, was ordered held without bail until his September trial. But the judge also required the prosecution to turn over all the evidence against Lattimore to his lawyers, including a tape of the couple having sex.

The sex tape isn’t the only thing that could hurt Donaldson’s reputation. Lattimore’s court-appointed lawyer grilled the reporter about her heavy drinking the night she says her boyfriend punched and bit her.

[Lawyer Jessica] Thrall sought to portray Donaldson and Lattimore as hard partiers who videotaped themselves having sex just hours before the alleged assault. Donaldson said she drank two bloody Marys at lunch, three glasses of sangria and four shots in the afternoon, a Vodka drink with dinner, and several shots at Saint.

Her partying before the alleged abuse took place is no worse than other behavior by WHDH employees (Goldklank!), but Jessica Heslam reports that the News Station has been mum about Donaldson’s trials.

WHDH-TV reported on the dangerousness hearing during last night’s news, but didn’t issue a statement even to say they support Donaldson – a alleged victim of domestic violence. Station General Manager Mike Carson declined comment.

Aside from a quick blurb reporting the incident on the station’s website, the station seems to have continued its silence on the matter today. As Heslam subtly reminds the station, one of its employees is allegedly a victim of domestic abuse. A quick, public, “Hey, we’re here for you,” seems like it would be in order.