Lynn, Lynn, City of… Pugilism?

Politicians and the media have a love-hate relationship. Elected officials love to hand stories to reporters, whether it’s to bully a union into a contract or to test the waters on some cockamamie scheme. But that relationship can turn sour fast when the media picks up a juicy scoop (or three, if you’re Sal DiMasi).

1215703180While the Speaker may not yet have come to blows with the media, a Lynn city councilor actually challenged WRKO host Reese Hopkins to a fight after Hopkins called the North Shore town “a dump” on his morning radio show.

Hopkins made his remarks as he was talking about the amount of money cities and towns around the Commonwealth get from the state lottery. Lynn City Councilor Rick Ford took offense, and left a message for the producer to pass along to Hopkins.

“Hey Cooksey, this is Rick Ford. Tell that [censored] that I used to like listening to [him] before he called Lynn a dump. [tell him] to come down to Riviera Brothers Boxing Club any day at four o’clock and I’ll meet him. I’d like to pound his head in. You can put that on the radio. Councilor Rick Ford, very offended by that comment, and I’ll never listen to him again if you don’t apologize. I’d like to slap him in the mouth. Bye.”

Naturally, Hopkins was unapologetic.

“Hey Lynn, you’re a dump. Get used to it,” he said after accepting the councilor’s challenge. “You’re a teen pregnancy away from being Gloucester.”

Councilor Ford wasn’t available for comment. If it actually comes to blows, we hope to have front-row seats.

Photo of Reese Hopkins from WRKO’s website.