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1215692866Will Massachusetts become the “Las Vegas of gay marriage” after all? A 1913 law used by former governor Mitt Romney to keep out-of-state gay couples from marrying here may go off the books if Gov. Deval Patrick and legislative leaders have their way. [Globe]

No-brainer: MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas is under fire for driving an SUV to work instead of taking the T. [Herald]

Sweet, delicious irony: After the T touted the Mattapan trolley’s new air conditioning, the highly-anticipated cool car showed up with the AC on the fritz. Brilliant. [Globe]

As the T tries to cool down, government gets hot: The governors of four New England states teamed up yesterday to lobby for increased federal fuel aid, predicting that the high cost of home heating oil could cause a “crisis” this winter. [Herald]