The Steamship Authority is Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

As we learned in the June issue of Boston magazine, Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t pay much attention to the celebrities that flood the island in the summer months. “[T]he Vineyard isn’t a place you go to get ahead in the world. If you want that kind of crap, take your whale belt to Nantucket,” Jason Gay writes.

1215792255There is, however, one pseudo-celebrity that residents and tourists alike will notice: a Jaws-like shark. The deadly creatures have been spotted in the waters off the Vineyard’s beaches.

Some might be scared of the toothy fish, but we’re trying to book our ferry tickets now in the hopes of spying the creature this weekend. It seems we’re not alone.

“People will be so darn curious we’ll probably be inundated with people wanting to see it,” [board of selectmen chairman Arthur Smadbeck] said.

A trip to the Vineyard means possibly watching the elusive creature tear into some unsuspecting fish and an excuse to hum “da-dun, da-dun” at our friends with a shark phobia? This is a staycation we can get behind.