Candice Houlihan’s 15 Minutes Are at 14:57

Like all Red Sox fans, and Alex Rodriguez detractors, we relished in schadenfreude as news of A-Rod’s disintegrating marriage was splashed all over the tabloids last week. We were delighted when the story got local, with a former Centerfolds dancer admitting that she had an affair with the Yankees star back in 2004.

1216045116We expected Candice Houlihan would go away after that, but then she got arrested on an outstanding warrant. The ex-stripper blamed her run-in with the law on her sudden infamy, and said she hoped her 15 minutes were over.

(Note to Candice: There’s a very simple way to stop the onslaught of phone calls—stop talking to the gossip columnists.)

We enjoyed your girl-drink drunk stories about A-Rod, and agree that it sucks that your sudden fame got you hauled into court to pay $400 in court costs and fines. But, did we really need to know that you witnessed a murder? In 1995?

What wisdom will we glean from the ex-stripper tomorrow? Her thoughts on the controversial New Yorker cover? Her plan to decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil?

Unless Houlihan says A-Rod called out Derek Jeter’s name in the throes of passion, we’re officially over her.