Massachusetts Democrats Assuage Green Guilt with Light Bulbs

Our excitement for the Democratic National Convention continues to build. Ted Kennedy’s return to the Senate fueled our hopes that he will give an oration in Denver that will put Barack Obama’s 2004 speech in Boston to shame. Earlier today we learned Maria Menounos is gonna be there too.

1216065520But having all these great people in one location will take a lot of traveling, and if there’s anybody who can’t live with green guilt, it’s a Democrat.

To stop the visions of polar bears without an ice floe that haunts their dreams, the Massachusetts delegates have decided to install compact fluorescent light bulbs in low-income housing around the state to offset the carbon they’ll put out while traveling to Denver.

Boston city councilor Mike Ross, last seen biking around Boston, helped develop the plan, which expands on the national party’s pledge to offset the estimated one ton of carbon dioxide a delegate will produce during their travel to and stay in Denver.

“This is just the beginning,” Ross said in a press release. “I’m planning to spend a good portion of this summer installing CFL bulbs in my district with area youth programs. Offsetting my travel to the DNC is the right thing to do and people in my district will see a direct benefit in reduced energy bills.”

So now we know how many Democrats it takes to screw in an energy-efficient light bulb: All of them.