Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you spent all weekend trying to avoid being swept out to sea on a rip current doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

1216039615 A-Rod’s Boston stripper is in cuffs!

State police are investigating the arrest of an ex-stripper in the media spotlight for her dalliance with Alex Rodriguez after two troopers showed up at her house and cuffed her on a minor 2004 warrant.

Candice Houlihan. . . believes it’s no coincidence she was arrested for having an uninsured and unregistered vehicle the very same week her 2004 tryst with the Yankees slugger was splashed in the Herald and New York tabloids.

Speaking of crime, a Boston man has been charged with fabricating a shark sighting in the waters off Martha’s Vineyard. You can imagine our sadness when we learned that we’d built our hopes of seeing the elusive creatures on a lie.

Apple geeks everywhere are clutching their pearls because yesterday’s launch of the iPhone was marred by server trouble.

Boston cops arrested 50 suspected gang members on outstanding warrants. Crime is over!

Or. . . not.

First pot, now online gambling? Barney Frank may be the most fun Representative in the entire House.

Rob Bradford and Michael Felger are forsaking the Herald for the Internet. WEEI hired the sportswriters for its website, which will relaunch in January.

Despite all the state’s big talk about the importance of education, Massachusetts lags behind much of the nation in the amount of grant money it doles out to needy college students. Even South Carolina spent more.

An ethically questionable situation that doesn’t involve Sal DiMasi? How novel!

Three trustees of the Boston Public Library who voted to oust the library’s longtime president have substantial business ties with the city, raising questions about their independence from Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s administration, a Globe review has found.

Boston’s city council decided not to keep the parking meters running until 2 a.m. So be sure to send them a nice fruit basket.

Even the price of your 3 p.m. sugar fix is going up. Now in addition to home heating oil and rice, you’ll need to hoard M&Ms from the vending machine.