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1216124825Picnic at Deval’s house! Gov. Deval Patrick will host a $5,500 a head party at his house in the Berkshires. The money goes to Patrick’s campaign and the state Democratic party, which in turn funnels its share of the cash to pay some of the governor’s expenses, neatly circumventing the state’s $500 donation limit to individual candidates. [Globe]

Aren’t fast trains for elitists? Sen. John Kerry is frustrated with the infrastructure problems that prohibit the Acela train from reaching its top speed of 150 miles per hour for more than a few miles along the Boston-New York route. [Herald]

Gay marriage is good for business: If the Legislature repeals the 1913 law that’s used to prevent gay couples from outside Massachusetts from marrying here, the state predicts a boost to the local economy as couples flock to the Bay State to celebrate their nuptials. [Globe]

Speaking of tourism: Senate president Therese Murray refused to strip troubled senator Jim Marzilli of his co-chairmanship of the Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Committee. [Herald]