Orrin Hatch’s Ode to Ted Kennedy

For years, Ted Kennedy and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch have been the Senate’s odd couple. When the liberal lion and the conservative, um, Rocky Mountain Elk, ended up on the same committee, they found they had to work together to get anything accomplished, and soon became friends. How bromantic.

1216219326It’s understandable that Hatch was devastated when he learned about Kennedy’s brain tumor. And like so many tortured souls, he turned to music to soothe his pain and penned a song about his friend Kennedy.

Hatch, whose album covers feature several stock images of bald eagles and American flags, has recorded hymns and patriotic songs for years. (Our favorite song by the Senator? “The Answer’s Not in Washington.” We’re with you, brother.) We can’t find the full lyrics of Hatch’s latest endeavor, but the Globe gives us a sneak peek.

Sailing home, sailing home. America, America, we’re headed home at last

“Just honor him, honor him, and every fear will be a thing of the past,” [singer Tony] Middleton croons in the demo tape, which Hatch played for the Globe.

“Through the darkness, we can find a pathway, that will take us halfway to the stars,” the song goes. “Shoo the shadows and doubts away, and touch the legacy that is ours, yours and mine.”

Hatch says that “sailing home” is a hope that Kennedy will beat his cancer and return to the Senate. But to us, it sounds like a going-back-to-Jesus sentiment, and, last time we checked, Teddy is still very much alive.

But, the Democrats apparently don’t think the song is a dirge. Officials say the song might be performed at next month’s Democratic National Convention. They better make it available on iTunes.