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1216223981The interns at Boston Daily read the community papers so you don’t have to. Then they blog for us. Hilarity ensues. (Often enough, that is.)

Vegan Pizzas Arrrr Delicious

The Jamaica Plain Gazette writes that a vegan pizzeria will soon be opening in JP. Felicia Scallywaggles, a sister store to TJ Scallywaggles in Allston, will serve pizza with soy-based substitutes such as “cheeze,” “pepperino” and “sauhsage.” The pizzeria will serve a very select niche that has long been neglected: vegan dyslexic pirates.

Extreme Fitness Classes Pretty Mild

The Allston-Brighton Tab highlights the new Outdoor Extreme Class at Oak Square’s YMCA, which has members complete circuit training outdoors, run up hills, and the stairs at Harvard Stadium. Sorry, YMCA, but Harvard Stadium is not extreme. We live in the age of American Gladiators, okay. Extreme is Nitro giving chase up a staircase in Cambridge. Look at Nitro’s getup, YMCA. Now, that’s extreme.

Second Best Has Never Looked Worst

The Dorchester Reporter provides an update on local dance crew Status Quo, which came in second place in MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” The paper writes that not only is the crew not making any money off its fame, but it’s lost several members and suffers from quarreling between group members. Status Quo’s latest gig was from a Boston mom looking to have them dance at her son’s birthday party. Status Quo, we think you just got served.

And the Winner for Most Awkward Mugging Goes to…

The Somerville Journal writes that a Somerville man mugged early in the morning on July 4, helped track down his attackers when he recognized one of them as a member of his old youth group. Nothing says “awkward” more than when the guy stealing your wallet was on your charity two-on-two basketball team.

Muddy River Goes Downhill (And We’re Not Talking Direction of Waterflow)

The Brookline Tab writes that environmental groups are warning residents to keep dogs and children away from the Muddy River due to hazardous bacteria that was found in the water. The blue green algae detected yesterday can cause rashes and throat irritation in humans and has been known to kill dogs. Oil spills, hazardous bacteria…all that’s missing from this river is the appearance of three-eyed fish.


Photo of extreme soccer moms, by KATE FLOCK, Allston-Brighton Tab