Triathlons for Thieves

We here at Boston Daily are always looking for the latest way to keep our figures svelte, especially since assless cutoffs are now in vogue. Generally, we stick to conventional workout methods, like public yoga and boot camp classes. But sometimes, a fitness buff has got to switch it up and push his or her body to its limit.

1216234005A Somerville man may have inadvertently created a new fitness craze. Boston police say he completed a mini-triathlon while trying to evade arrest.

James Duncan allegedly stole a bicycle, which says was worth more than $1,000. When someone noticed the thief later, things got interesting.

Additional units responded. . . and observed him riding the stolen bicycle over the North Washington Street Bridge. There, officers attempted to approach the suspect, when the suspect dropped the bicycle, ran to the edge of the bridge and jumped into the Boston Harbor. After the suspect jumped into the water, the suspect swam to the Commercial St. side of the bridge, exited the water and running down the Harbor Walkway. The suspect was caught after a brief foot pursuit, and struggle with officers and placed under arrest.

Thanks to a quick Google search, we’ve been doing some reading on how to train for a triathlon to see where Duncan went wrong. Maybe he forgot to stretch, or perhaps he didn’t get a good night’s sleep before the pursuit.

But while Duncan’s execution wasn’t so good, the idea itself is kind of brilliant. There’s nothing like the threat of being charged with a felony to break an athlete out of a rut.