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1216297743Big Dig, bigger price tag: The cost of the massive highway project has jumped to $22 billion, thanks to the interest on the loans it took to finish the job. The state is paying nearly 80 percent of its highway workers with borrowed money. In short, the state’s finances are screwed. [Globe]

It’s time to brown bag it, folks: Financial experts say the cost of goods jumped 1.1 percent in June, while wages have fallen 0.9 percent. In short, you’re screwed. [Herald]

Fine. You’re so smart, you fix it: That’s the (paraphrased) reaction from Lieutenant Gov. Tim Murray to Treasurer Tim Cahill’s criticism of the administration’s plan to cosign the Turnpike Authority’s loans. Yup, we’re completely doomed. [Globe]

The beginning of the end for townie papers? GateHouse Media, which saw its stock price plummet earlier this week, has announced it’s shutting down papers in Taunton and Avon. It’s not even 9 a.m., and we’re already melancholy. [Herald]