Julie Donaldson Calls in the Big Guns

1215617899Channel 7 sports reporter and alleged abuse victim Julie Donaldson is going on the offensive. She had been playing defense after her allegations against her SlamBall-playing boyfriend got play in both daily papers. Then there were the rumors that there’s a sex tape she and Ivan Lattimore made hours before she says he bit and punched her in front of some guests. But no more.

Today we learned that the reporter is calling in a high-profile PR firm and lawyer.

Attorney Harry Manion is now representing the reporter, as well as the PR firm, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications. In a 2006 Boston magazine story, he was described as “the rare trial lawyer who may be as good as he says he is.” Manion tells the Globe he was brought in to deal with the trial and “other issues” that might come up, including the sex tape. Manion also represented Bob Lobel in his suit against the creators of the comic strip “Get Fuzzy.”