A Jingle-Singing Contest? That’s Nice.

With all the recent changes to the long-running Bernie and Phyl’s commercials, it’s great to see the jingle remain the same. As if to ease the transition to when Bernie and Phyl’s sons completely take over the family business, some ads only feature random groups of people mangling the trademark “Bernie and Phyl’s—Quality, Comfort, and Price—That’s Nice” finish to the spots.

Those folks should have held off on signing the release. The furniture store is holding a contest to find the most creative jingle singer.

The store launched the contest on Friday. Singers of all abilities can upload their 30-second clips to the store’s web site from now until August 31. A panel of judges will whittle the entries down to the 10 best, then the public will vote on their favorite.

Surprisingly, the winner of the contest doesn’t come away with a new living room set or an ultra-plush mattress. Bernie and Phyl’s teamed up with Cambridge Honda to give away a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Bernie Rubin cites the man-on-the-street ads as the inspiration for the contest. “It’s become part of the popular culture, and we’re encouraging everyone to have some fun with it.” Sure, it’s fun until the jingle bores its way into your consciousness and your family and co-workers throw things at you because you can’t stop humming the infectious ditty.

Hmm. Maybe that should be our entry.