Arroyo? Arroyo? Arroyo?

The Monday after a nice summer weekend is always the worst. You crawl to your desk, chugging cup after cup of lukewarm communal office coffee, swearing that you’re going to take Friday off to give yourself a precious midsummer long weekend. Maybe you’ll even be so bold as to call out sick.1216667379

And, hey, why not? It’s not like the local media is going to cover whether you show up or not. Unless you’re bodybuilding firefighter Albert Arroyo.

The man who caused several expletive-riddled reactions did not show up for his shift today, despite being ordered back to work by Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser. This weekend, Fraser said the department would start disciplinary action against Arroyo if he didn’t clock in, even possibly firing him.

Perhaps the jacked jake (we’re shocked the Herald hasn’t revived that bon mot during this kerfuffle) believes he can place higher and earn cash prizes if he isn’t distracted by going through the motions of faking back pain to keep his tax-free salary coming.

Or maybe his waxer was running late. We hate when that happens.