Patrick Dissents on Possible Supreme Court Gig

1216650857Gov. Deval Patrick has been a great spokesman for Barack Obama, standing by his BFF even when his odds of getting the nomination were slim, so it’s not surprising that Patrick’s name was mentioned as a candidate for a position in the hypothetical Obama cabinet.

Now the hot rumor du jour is that Patrick could be heading for the Supreme Court.

We had him pegged more as a possible Attorney General, he was an assistant AG during Bill Clinton’s presidency, after all. But some of Patrick’s old coworkers say he’d make a good justice.

“One of the senior partners at Hill and Barlow said years ago, before Deval considered running for office, that he was a guy you would expect to see on the Supreme Court,” said [former prosecutor Michael] Ricciuti, who now practices in the Boston office of the law firm K&L Gates. “He was very good with the law and very good on his feet.”

Wow. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. But as he’s said time and time again, Patrick assures us he’s not leaving the corner office.

“The governor loves his job and is running for reelection,” said the spokesman, Kyle Sullivan. “He appreciates the kind words but has no interest in any other position than the one he currently has.”

But this one involves wearing a robe and banging a gavel. How can anyone say no to that?