Four-Day Work Week? Sold!

Our favorite thing about our job (aside from you, dear readers) is summer hours. Every Friday between early July and Labor Day, we leave Boston Daily HQ a few hours before normal dismissal time and run errands, attempt to beat traffic out of the city, or just go home and watch Oprah.

1216737319But what if summer hours happened all year long, and we always had Friday off? It’s happening for employees of some local municipalities and businesses.

Instead of the typical 9-5 grind, some towns and businesses are asking their employees to work 10-hour days, Monday-Thursday, in exchange for Friday off. The practice started as a way for employees to achieve that mythical work/life balance, but is now gaining popularity for its energy-saving effects for both the company and employees.

So we can help save the planet and have an extra morning to sleep in? We thought we’d have to move to Europe before we’d see scheduling this flexible. If you need us, we’ll be circulating a petition to get this system in place at 300 Mass. Ave.