A Prayer for Romney

Dear God,

1216823727Hello there, Lord. It’s your friends at Boston Daily. We know we don’t talk to you very often, living in a Godless blue state and all.

But we’ve got a big favor to ask of you. Could you please, please put Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket?

Come on. We know John McCain’s thinking about it. Rumors are swirling that the Arizona senator will pick his running mate sometime this week, and that Mitt’s on his list. While our former governor has played coy in the past, his willingness to eat $45 million in campaign debt shows he will sacrifice for the man who once likened him to a pig.

So do our boy Mitt a solid, God. He’s spent so much of his money and dignity on the 2008 presidential race. At least give him this much.

Also, pairing Romney with the gaffeprone McCain should make for a highly entertaining news cycle through the elections. As if Jeff Beatty’s assertion that Romney’s appearance on the ticket could cause the GOP to win Massachusetts for the first time since 1984 wasn’t comical enough.

Let us know if we need to say a few Hail Mary’s to make this happen.

Boston Daily