Boston Hoboken Daily?

Every time one of the “Boston is a great place to date” surveys comes out, my frustration with being single increases exponentially. reports that a slew of local cities are great for single people like myself. Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston all finished in the top 5.

I live in Somerville. I work in Boston. I go out in Cambridge. I’m still single.

1216914285Maybe it’s time for my single friends and I to consider a move to Hoboken, which was ranked the best city for singles by the Web site.

To my New England-bred ears, Hoboken sounds like a gnome-filled village from a J.R.R Tolkien novel, but both CNNMoney and the editor of this blog assure me it’s a cool place. The site leads with the information that fictional characters Harold and Kumar live there. Who can resist a place whose most famous residents are stoners?

My editor, who grew up in the Garden State, assures me that Hoboken is a Jersey version of Williamsburg (for good and bad).

But, still. Hoboken. I think I’ll stick with Boston and adopt a cat.