It’s Never Too Late to Say You’re Sorry

In today’s Herald, we get to read part of ex-Channel 7 GM Randi Goldklank’s apology for her tirade at Logan Airport. She explains her “out of character” behavior was due to the alcohol she consumed before getting on the plane.

1216927183Now that we’ve heard Goldklank say she’s sorry, we started thinking about all the other people who owe us some apologies. After the jump, we air our grievances.

Everyone involved in the Big Dig
Hey, it was a great idea. But much like Communism, it didn’t work so well once it got out of the planning stages. One fatality and dozens of missed opportunities later, we almost miss the other Green Monster.

Bill Belichick
He (sort of) apologized for making it easier for the rest of the NFL to hate on the Patriots with the whole SpyGate controversy. But we’re still waiting for him to say he’s sorry for his part in ruining the perfect season by losing the Super Bowl. We swear to God, Bill, if we so much as see a red hoodie this season, we’re gonna lose it.

Dan Shaughnessy
We know that those of you reading this from your Mom’s basement love to hate on the CHB for breathing, but our main issue with Dan is his role in Theo Epstein temporarily leaving the Red Sox back in 2005. Do not mess with the front office hotness, Shaughnessy.

Rachael Ray
Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is not shit.”

Thanks in advance.