The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (fare thee well, el jefe edition).

We talked to Nigel Barker! Though we wish it had been about a happier topic than shark hunting.

The most awkward conversation we’ve had about the male anatomy since The Talk: Herald editor Kevin Convey explains what “grotesquely endowed” means.

Sales tax holiday: Good for our wallets, bad for the MBTA.

A journey of 1,000 steps begins with a dribble: Ethan Zohn tells us about his quest to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Somebody needs to invest in a Word-a-Day calendar: The Boston Fire Department is [expletive].

Win a car: By singing the jingle for a furniture store.

Save Arroyo: The “disabled” bodybuilding firefigher doesn’t come to work.

Hallucinogenics for history buffs: Salvia makes people see tri-cornered hats.

Must love kids, brain-melting heat: The Red Sox are looking for a new Wally.

Brilliant! It’s the Week in Genius.

Are you there, God?
It’s Boston Daily, praying for Mitt Romney.

In what way is Jim Ogonowski better than Romney? He ends his campaign in the black. Barely.

Bulges, books, and tats: It’s the latest news from the townie papers.

The Boston Fire Department has a friend: Rumored mayoral hopeful Mike Flaherty weighs in on the disability abuse scandal.

Slydial keeps it on the down low: No, aunt Kate, we’re not avoiding you.

We’re still waiting: Randi Goldklank’s apology for her antics gets us thinking about who else owes Bostonians a mea culpa.

Stickers of shame: The downside to the latest Dunkin’ Donuts promotion.

Why isn’t anyone ogling Flaherty’s Council seat? The Hill and the Hall has the answer.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be enjoying our summer hours.