Cleaning Up the Force

1217274542Early this spring, Michele McPhee took us inside the Boston Police Department as it struggled to toss out its rotten apples. The worst of the bunch were Roberto Pulido, Carlos Pizarro, and Nelson Carrasquillo who, among other things, once acted as hired escorts for a truck they believed was carrying 100 kilograms of cocaine.

The three dirty cops are now serving a combined 57 years in prison. We’re thrilled that commissioner Ed Davis is following through on his vow to clean up the police force, but we had no idea they were already working so hard to clean up themselves.

People magazine interviewed Pizarro five years ago for a feature on men who are into personal grooming (that’s Pizarro in the photo, caught mid-manscaping). We’re told Pizarro dropped $500 a month on microdermabrasion, face peels, and Botox injections, a hefty bill for even the most dedicated Bostonista.

The People story even gets a quote from convicted ringleader, Pulido who says (somewhat ironically, it turns out) that Pizarro will “be the laughingstock of the station!” Pulido is now serving his 26-year sentence in Colorado.

For his part, Pizarro is doing time at a minimum-security facility in West Virginia. It may be a cakewalk, what with its basketball courts, weight room, and guitar lessons, but Botox injections are one thing the prison won’t be offering anytime soon.