Chesney Fans Get Violent

One of the best things about seeing a concert at a suburban concert arena like Gillette Stadium or the Comcast Center is the pre-concert tailgating. There’s nothing better than sitting in a lawn chair on a summer evening and drinking beer in a parking lot with fans of the band you love.

1216230693We’ve pregamed before seeing acts from pop princess Kelly Clarkson (shut up) to industrial godfathers Nine Inch Nails. But we’ve never experienced a melee like the one at this weekend’s New England Country Music Festival concert, which was headlined by Red Sox wannabe Kenny Chesney.

The Sun Chronicle reports that more than 100 people were arrested in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium during Saturday’s concert. The charges ranged from underage drinking to assault and battery.

But that’s nothing compared to last year’s near-riot.

Last year’s festival. . . caused problems when thousands of ticketless fans showed up and turned parking lots into block parties, complete with binge drinking. The day was full of fights and car vandalism.

Nobody riots at a Dustin Pedrioa event. Just sayin’.