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1217420915Seriously, you guys, knock it off: House Speaker Sal DiMasi has warned Reps. Robert DeLeo and John Rogers to stop maneuvering to succeed him. It feels like DiMasi has to issue these warnings about once a month. [Herald]

Which is about how often we find another connection between King Sal and Cognos: DiMasi’s law associate was working for the software firm as the state was negotiating huge contracts with the company, and Sal’s former personal accountant was hired by a Cognos sales rep during the talks. [Globe]

It’s almost as sweet a gig as being a friend of Sal: An MBTA employee has been suspended after the agency learned he’s also a full-time meter reader in Revere. It’s unclear if this violates any of the agency’s rules. [Herald]

Viva gay marriage Vegas: The House approved a measure that will overturn the 1913 law that Mitt Romney invoked to keep nonresident gay couples from marrying in Massachusetts. Gov. Deval Patrick has said he’ll sign the legislation. [Globe]