Julie Donaldson’s Good News, Bad News

1217514958Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson continues to sit on the broadcasting sidelines due to the criminal proceedings against her allegedly abusive boyfriend, Ivan Lattimore. It seems that with every positive development for her in the case, there’s another revelation that could prove damning to Donaldson.

After the jump, we break down the latest drama.

Good News: A Suffolk Superior Court Judge upheld a lower court ruling that will keep Lattimore in jail until the trial starts in September.

Bad News: If prosecutors can’t make the case against the SlamBall player, we could see a man whom the judge described as “a very grave danger to members of the community” back on the streets. Swell.

Good News: The Herald reports that the rumored Donaldson-Lattimore sex tape doesn’t exist.

Bad News: Court papers show that Donaldson turned over a camera and two cell phones that may have explicit images of the couple stored on them.

Please don’t let the Track Girls get their hands on any of these pictures. If they’re having this much of a field day with John Kerry and penis straws, we can’t imagine the amounts of ink they’d spill on actual X-rated images.

G-rated photo from WHDH.com