Manny Stays? Manny Leaves

Well that was fun. The three-way deal with the Marlins and Pirates? It was on, then it wasn’t, then it was, now it isn’t?

Then Jason Bay was going to the Rays. Then he wasn’t.

The maybe deal with the Dodgers? Didn’t happen, although it did lead to these great headlines on’s Extra Bases blog.

Dodgers in play, too (2:32)

Count out LA (3:05)

Then crashed for a few minutes right around 4 p.m. and anarchy reigned. (We kid.’s coverage of the trade deadline was fantastic, and with every reporter working overtime you’re going to get conflicting reports).

So, Manny stays. For now. We think. What are we all going to do next year at this time?

UPDATE: Or not. Manny’s apparently going to the Dodgers. Bay’s coming to the Sox. Minor leaguers to change hands.

UPDATE II: According to reports, the Sox kicked in Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen. Initial reaction? The Sox made out better than anyone could have hoped. Bay is a very good player, and they didn’t give up anyone in the Jed Lowrie, Michael Bowden range of prospects.