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1217526144Of course that hasn’t happened. This isn’t California, after all: Gov. Deval Patrick signed the bill that allows any out-of-state gay couples to marry, saying that in the five years since same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts, “the sky has not fallen, the earth has not opened to swallow us all up[.]” [WHDH]

How could we forget? One year ago, the Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne. Wasn’t that a time? [Surviving Grady]

Not Suitable For Viewing. Anywhere. EVER: A disgruntled ex-Patriots employee writes that there may be a Bill Belichick sex tape. We’d ask what he’s thinking, but we’ve already tried to answer that question. [Deadspin]

T alerts giving out TMI? Red Line riders got an unusually detailed delay alert yesterday. Which gives us a great idea—why not hire a Herald writer to pen the missives? Then we’d at least be amused by the alliteration while slowly melting on the platform. [Universal Hub]

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

We always take beauty advice from women Justin Timberlake calls glowing: Bostonista chats with Today show beauty editor Bobbie Thomas.

Seafood, wine, and chili: What’s the dish gives you all the deets on local food events.