Barack Obama’s Boston Birthday

1217865502Boston Daily would like to wish presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama a happy 47th birthday. Even though we’re apparently the only people in the city who weren’t invited to his big birthday bash-slash-fundraiser at the State Room this evening.

Come on, Obama campaign. We can spice up a party just as well as John Kerry, who will reportedly attend tonight’s festivities. We can give your guy some material that’s just as good as the stuff he borrowed from Gov. Deval Patrick, who is also expected to be present when Obama blows out the candles.

Since we’re big fans of the Herald’s horoscope, we couldn’t resist checking out what this year will hold for the presidential hopeful.

Your stock goes up this year. Within the next 10 weeks, it’ll be amazing how powerful you feel. The problems you wanted someone else to solve are easily solved by you. You may find that in October you need more time to yourself. Introspective hours help you hatch your next great plan. Virgo and Capricorn adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 23, 11, 49 and 17.

Sounds like Capricorn Ed Rendell’s stock in the veep-stakes just went up.