Vacation, All We Ever Wanted

It used to take an extra-marital dalliance or criminal activity to destroy a political career. But in the era of YouTube and blogs, all it takes is an ill-advised vacation locale or activity to turn a viable candidate into Jay Leno’s punchline.

With Barack Obama heading to Hawaii in the next few weeks, the Globe reviews all the gaffes that make liberals long for what could have been had John Kerry not gone windsurfing in the summer of 2004.

1217862352But all we could think of is all the vacation hilarity that would have ensued if Mitt Romney were the Republican nominee.

Imagine it. The paparazzi are parked just off the beach of the Romney vacation home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, snapping pictures of all the Romney grandkids frolicking in the water. Mitt joins the wholesome merriment, wading up to his waist, splashing one of his darling grandchildren as he beams at the distant cameras.

Sadly, the young Romney forgot the first rule of playing in the water—don’t muss Grandpa’s hair. One of the child’s splashes goes too high and flattens the trademark coif. Mitt fumes as the camera shutters open and close at a furious clip.

It would have been incredible. But Republican voters chose John McCain, who wants to spend quiet weekends at home in the run-up to the convention. Lame.

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