Gov. Patrick Opens Up

1218035834Gov. Deval Patrick isn’t one for oversharing. While he’s not as spotlight-averse as Senate President Therese Murray, Patrick doesn’t usually spell things out as precisely (or as with as much snark) as House Speaker Sal DiMasi.

Apparently, Patrick’s victories during this legislative session have him feeling pretty confident. Both of today’s papers got the governor to give some pretty blunt quotes.

In the Globe, Patrick expresses his frustration with the press that once, as the kids on the Internet say, “pwned” him.

When asked four times about his casino proposal – which was quashed in March by House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi – Patrick said, “Really? That’s all you guys want to talk about?”

Well, the warm fuzzies from last week’s gay-marriage-for-all legislation has worn off and DiMasi’s friends haven’t sold any software lately, so we need something to discuss.

Perhaps Patrick’s remarks to the Herald’s Hillary Chabot will give the press some fodder. He still insists that he’ll be around for the 2010 gubernatorial race, not off installing overpriced drapes in the White House with Barack Obama. Patrick, who thrives on the campaign trail, gets a few practice belts in before the race heats up.

“Come one, come all,” a feisty Patrick told the Herald yesterday. “Whoever the challenger is, that’s fine. We’ve got a strong record already – and I’m just getting started.”

“[State Treasurer Tim Cahill] tells me he’s not going to [run for governor] if I’m here, and I’m planning to be here, so I assume I’m not going to have to deal with him,” Patrick said yesterday.

Deal with him.” As if Cahill is a dead mouse or Christy Mihos. We have to admit, we like Patrick when he’s feisty.

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