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1218199235If you must take a stroll along the railroad tracks, avoid the Haverhill line: The MBTA and National Grid are trying to find out how currents from nearby power lines are electrifying the rails and shorting out signals. Officials say the surges pose no danger to passengers. [Globe]

Kinko’s is going to be mad when he pays for all his campaign materials in quarters: John Buonomo, the Middlesex register of probate who plead not guilty to charges he stole money from county cash machines and copiers, is still a candidate for reelection. [Herald]

The $19.4 billion refund: UBS announced that it will buy back the auction rate securities it sold Massachusetts and New York after understating the risk involved. The two states will also collect $150 million in fines from the company. [Globe]

So. . . how ’bout them Red Sox? The Patriots’ first pre-season game wasn’t pretty. [Herald]