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1218544504Maybe tomorrow we’ll get a report about the one poor jerk who doesn’t get a free car: Members of the parole board also get state-subsidized cars and gas. [Herald]

Ted Kennedy will school you: The Liberal Lion and his friends are accelerating plans to build an institute near the JFK library that will serve as an educational facility for incoming senators and a museum for the rest of us. [Globe]

Hooker with a mind for business: A Lowell prostitute was arrested after she tied up a john and stole a duffel bag filled with $62,000 in cash. The original cost of her trick? Thirty bucks. Way to make a profit. [Herald]

Juvenile offenders have a longer commute: Boston’s juvenile detention center was recently closed due to budget issues, so now suspects are being shuttled to Worcester and New Bedford while they await their court appearances. [Globe]