Dan Grabauskas Might Have an Insurrection on His Hands

1218730441We admit we’ve taken the name of Dan Grabauskas in vain. During a particularly frustrating commute, it’s easy to blame everything from the inaudible announcements to the day-old coffee spill that makes our feet stick to the floor on the MBTA’s general manager.

Grabauskas expects that treatment from everyday commuters. It comes with the territory. But now a member of the T’s board of directors is publicly admitting she doubts his ability to lead.

Board member Janice Loux rattled off a laundry list of grievances during yesterday’s board meeting, including the MIT students’ finding that the CharlieCard system is easily hacked and the fatal Green Line crash. “I have lost confidence in the general manager,” Loux is quoted as saying.

Loux is no stranger to stirring the pot. Her other job is president of the Local 26, which represents food service employees, including Aramark employees who are in a heated contract battle with Boston’s convention centers.

Her demands for the MBTA are simple. Loux wants an outside audit of the agency, including an examination into the no-bid contract that brought us the CharlieCard. The board will decide whether to proceed in the next few weeks.

Since the agency sued the MIT kids for providing a free security audit, we doubt one the T would have to pay for will actually happening. But a board member can always dream.

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