From the Archives: The Secret Life of Karen Varitek

1218722186We were sad to learn that Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek and his wife Karen are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.

Unlike some baseball players we could name (cough A-Rod cough), we never heard about ‘Tek stepping out with strippers or partying until the wee hours.

Karen Varitek also seemed happy. She told Boston magazine in 2005 that while her life as a baseball wife had its challenges, she was content.

“We can hardly complain,” says Varitek. “We can’t complain about our life. We don’t have a bad life. It’s just a different life.”

Karen also said she didn’t worry about the groupies who throw themselves at Captain ‘Tek.

“It’s hard to say you get used to it, but it’s kinda like you just have to deal with it,” Varitek says. “Everyone’s got to understand, though, that he’s a married guy with a family. . . what [really] keeps us going [is] our faith in God, and you’ve gotta have faith in each other and trust each other.”


The Secret Lives of the Player’s Wives

Photo by Sadie Dayton for Boston magazine