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Is there anything reliable in sports anymore? Suddenly, 13 is the new 16, China is winning more gold medals than us (a lot more), Manny’s in LA and then, in the biggest shocker of them all, Manny actually cut his hair a little. Worse, now we can’t even keep straight the people who are delivering us our regular news about this mad, mad world.

1218820909Last night, Adam Reilly posted a Globe memo that announced several staffing changes in the local sports media. The Herald’s Tony Massarotti is moving to Morrissey Boulevard to become the “face and voice of sports.” Amalie Benjamin will take over the Red Sox beat from Yahoo! Gordon Edes.

And Scott’s Shots reports that Ron Borges (who we thought had faded into Bolivian) will be writing for the new

After the jump, we consider the winners and losers.

The big winner is In the past month, the site has picked up Borges (who is if nothing else entertaining), the rock solid Rob Bradford, and local sports multi-media star Michael Felger for its site, which will soon feature more written work. isn’t faring too poorly, either. As Dan Kennedy notes, Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan is aware that WEEI is encroaching on his territory, and he’s doing his best to keep in the daily mix with some big-name writers and lots of reporting. Sure, the Globe sports page has been hit hard, but Tony Maz has enough cache to stand in even for the likes of the recently departed Jackie MacMullan.

Without a doubt, the big loser is the Herald. It’s lost Bradford and Massarotti, but kept lightning rod John Tomase. Oh, and in case you forgot, it’s still their fault the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

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