The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (why can’t the Sox play the Rangers every day? edition).

1218640969Mathematicians and violins: We talk to Cambridge author Yael Goldstein Love about her first novel, The Passion of Tasha Darsky.

No wonder he’s smiling: Newbury Comics is doing fine. Thank God.

The Varitek divorce: We comb the Boston magazine archives to shed some light on what went wrong.

Charlie gets litigious: The MBTA sues some MIT hackers.

What’s better than Tom Brady’s truck? According to a Georgia man, a helicopter.

Who is Clark Rockefeller? We check in with Wikipedia.

Boylston Street Redux: Paul McMorrow fills us in on the most recent development debacle.

They were in bed like John Edwards and Rielle Hunter: The Herald got first dibs on the National Enquirer’s bogus Ted Kennedy story.

Details, details: Gov. Deval Patrick prepares to take on the police union.

The Red Sox score some puns: We review the team’s headline-friendly players.

Suffolk Downs buddies up with Wonderland: It’s all about politics.

Primetime Deval: The governor goes national.

Inside Clark Rockefeller’s social life: What his membership in the Algonquin Club says about the man of mystery.

More reason to love Julia Child: The French Chef was an American Spy.

They may not be the father: But the teenagers who swear at the RMV could use a little Maury-style tough love.

Deval Patrick’s a genius: The Hill and the Hall explains why.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be enjoying summer hours.