Harvard Is Over-rated

1219070898A new study will be released tomorrow that confirms what many of us who couldn’t get in have said for years—Harvard University isn’t that great. The September issue of Radar magazine dubs the prestigious Ivy League school as the most overrated college in America.

Unlike many magazine surveys, the folks at Radar seem to have done their research, eviscerating our beloved Ivy League in a short write-up.

The issue hits newsstands tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek.

This is the most elite nursery school in the land, where severe grade inflation ensures that the ruling class’s precocious overachievers all feel like winners. It’s almost impossible to graduate with less than a B+ with over 90% of the class of 2004 graduated with honors, and there are 800 “editors” on the student newspaper, the Crimson, because you can’t tell a Harvard student that he’s just a reporter.

That’s the type of brutal honesty U.S. News and World Report’s rankings could use.

You can see the full write-up and list of winners (losers?) tomorrow, when the September issue of Radar hits newsstands and the magazine’s website. Cover image from Radar.com