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1219345215The interns at Boston Daily read the community papers so you don’t have to. Then they blog for us. Hilarity ensues.

A Rising Star

In the past two years Clancy, a West Roxbury resident, has performed in a Chase credit card commercial, several student films, and an upcoming independent film. He has a big shot agent in New York, a place in Manhattan, and prefers goulda cheese. Clancy, you see, is a border collie.

According to the West Roxbury Transcript, the canine began performing two yeas ago when his owner, Deidre Cavanaugh, answered posts on Craigslist. Apparently, he’s obedient off screen as well. When his owner says, “Stinky dog,” he jumps in the tub, and when she says, “What do you do if you’re caught on fire?” he rolls around on the ground. Because you never know when Clancy could end up rescuing Timmy from that fire over in the old mill.

Michigan, we have a problem

Somerville has outsourced its late-night and weekend 311 calls to an answering service in Michigan, according to the Somerville Journal. The town’s 311 “one call to City Hall” system allows residents to report potholes, complain about filthy neighbors, and get information on resident parking. Forwarding off-hours calls to Michigan saves Somerville money and having to hire an additional operator.

At least your midnight call about the neighbor who won’t pick up after their pooch will be answered. Unfortunately, you’ll have to navigate a conversation with an operator who speaks Midwestern. Makes those India-based call centers seem not so bad, doesn’t it?

Cat burglar turns out to be bird murderer

The Cambridge Chronicle reports that a burglar broke into a Cambridge man’s home last weekend and stole his laptop. Then, the burglar killed the man’s pet birds on his way out. The victim came home two days later to find his three finches in the rear corner of their birdcage, their necks snapped. He told police he has no idea who would have killed his birds. We’re no CSI-ers, but maybe the police should investigate this guy.

The anti-dirty dance

Since June, a group of “freestyle dancers” has gathered in Brookline in rented churches, gymnasiums and dance halls for a weekly dance party known as Dance Friday, as reported by the Brookline Tab. The goal of the events is not to pick up a date, but simply to dance your you-know-what off. One of the DJs who spins tunes at the dances tells the paper that “There is no drinking, there is no talking, there’s no shoes.” Sounds like that awkward retro sock hop we were forced to attend in middle school.


Photo by Sarah Gatzke, West RoxburyTranscript