The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (we can’t wait to get to the beach edition).

We don’t know your name: Keohane has some problems with Boston’s refusal to move past Cheers.

1219329625Kevin Cullen cries for help: Our arms are always open to you, Kevin.

Follow the money: There’s a whole lotto connections between Bill Galvin, Tim Cahill, and George Regan.

Speaking of connections: Here’s how Clark Rockefeller, Lenny DiNardo, Eddie Vedder, and the FBI are related.

Harvard is overrated: Radar magazine calls it as it sees it.

The prospectus, Will Leitch, and the Sox’s pitching woes: Say hello to Sports Monday.

We’re gonna have you surrendering like General Lee: Dunkin’ Donuts battles Krispy Kreme on its home turf.

We don’t wanna go inside! Matthew Reed Baker laments the end of summer’s outdoor cultural offerings.

Mitt Romney may be very happy a week from today: Reports say John McCain will announce his running mate on August 29, and that it might be our boy Mitt.

The $100,000 parking spot: A Boston Daily investigation.

Not only are we a blog, we also do recruiting work: We suggest a new gig for Albert Arroyo.

Let’s play a game: Disabled, not disabled.

Genius! All these Bostonians are smarter than you.

Local businesses love the Beijing Olympics: Francis Storrs reveals why you’ll be hard-pressed to find a volleyball in this town.

Come back, Meryl Masterson: We plead with the Red Sox wife to put her blog back up.

Clancy is more famous than you: And other items of note from the townie papers.

Bottle of red, bottle of white: Sal DiMasi and Deval Patrick’s scenes from an Italian restaurant.

The Ross Report: Boston City Councilor Mike Ross gears up for the Democratic National Convention.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be enjoying summer hours.