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1219408338Ready the pitchfork and torches: The Turnpike Authority is considering revoking the toll discount for residents of Eastie, Southie, and the North End. The agency may also eliminate the discounted Fast Lane transponder rate. [Globe]

Uh-oh: Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson’s allegedly abusive boyfriend confirms the couple made a sex tape. [Herald]

We’re so confused: US News & World Report ranked Harvard as the best undergraduate school in the country, just days after Radar dubbed it the most overrated. WHICH IS IT?! [Globe]

Democracy and consumerism in action: Two local malls are allowing teenagers to cast “votes” in a contest to see which presidential candidate is most popular with the youngsters. In exchange for participating, the kids will get discounts for mall stores. They’re going to be awfully disappointed when all they get for voting in the 2012 election is a “I Voted!” sticker. [Herald]