Local Restroom Doesn’t Ascend the Throne

1219864797Back in July, we told you that the Smith College of Art’s bathroom was a finalist for the coveted America’s Best Restroom Award. The winners were announced this morning, and we’re sad to say that the Northampton loo’s shot at glory went down the drain.

Smith College’s water-themed water-closet finished a distant 5th in the annual contest, which is conducted by Cintas.

According to online voters, the best restroom in America is located in Nashville’s Hermitage Hotel. Maybe it’s the sour grapes talking, but we’d prefer a water-themed bathroom featuring hand-painted tiles to an Art Deco-inspired restroom, complete with pistachio-green toilets.

Unless, of course, we’ve really gotta go. In that case, even the nightmarish stalls at the Back Bay train station look like the the Taj Mahal of facilities.

Photo from the America’s Best Restroom website