31 Flavors Turns Into a 31-ring Circus

1219937012New Englanders consume the most ice cream per capita of any region in the United States, which just goes to show how masochistic we are. Even when it’s a frigid 20 degrees, we stand in line at Toscanini’s to get a frozen treat fix.

As avowed ice cream aficionados we like to have options, but only as they relate to the creamy goodness. Which is why we were distressed to hear that Canton-based Baskin-Robbins has hopped on board the ice cream as theater bandwagon.

The Dunkin’ Donuts-owned chain has opened Cafe 31 at Patriot Place in Foxboro. Instead of serving up just 31 flavors, the store also has a pastry chef, non-Dunks espresso, and purple couches for lounging. If the concept takes off, the company will roll the stores out nationally.

“It’s part ice cream experience, dessert theater, and test kitchen all rolled into one,” said Ken Kimmel, Baskin-Robbins’ vice president of the Cafe 31 concept.

The success of Cold Stone has Baskin-Robbins running scared, but we like places where we can tip without being serenaded by a bunch of high school drama club members. After a rough day at the office, all we want is our waffle cone of Jamoca Almond Fudge, not a food service version of Blue Man Group.

Thank God we still have Friendly’s.