The Ross Report: One Historic Evening

1219415931The big show is almost over, and we’re still not attending the Democratic National Convention. Lucky for us, Boston City Councilor Mike Ross is in attendance as a member of the Massachusetts delegation. Throughout the week, he’ll provide you with an insider’s view of what’s happening in Denver.

Today, we get one Massachusetts delegate’s 15 minutes of fame, what Barack Obama needs to accomplish with tonight’s speech, and tips for any of you who want to attend a party thrown by Bill Maher. Take it away, Mike.

Last night, history was made. For the first time ever, an African-American was officially named the presidential candidate of a major party. What had threatened to become a fight between the Clinton and Obama camps resolved itself by following simple parliamentary procedure. Sen. Hillary Clinton moved to suspend the rules and nominate Barack Obama by acclimation, thus officially ending the battle that had raged over the last year. We hope.

If the Democrats wish to win the White House, we need to do more than simply heal internal wounds: We need to make the case for Obama to the rest of the country. With the convention coming to a close, and a recent Rasmussen Tracking poll showing Obama and John McCain in a tie, Obama has one last chance to make his case to voters.

Expectations are as high as the stadium in which Obama will give his speech tonight.

Yesterday’s theme was “Securing America’s Future.” Delegates heard powerful testimonies from men and women who have served our country. Among the most moving stories was that of Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran who lost both her legs in the line of duty.

Duckworth passionately spoke of how the Bush policy that McCain supports let her and her fellow troops down, and why she was supporting Obama. The image of her walking away from the podium on prosthetic legs after delivering her riveting speech may have been the most powerful moment of the convention.

George McGovern visited the delegation from the one state than went his way in the 1972 election. At breakfast this morning, he discussed the historic nomination, and some of the groundbreaking work he has done to bring equality into the Democratic Party, thus paving the way for Obama’s nomination. McGovern also talked about the important work he is doing on the global issue of hunger.

Boston delegate Giovanna Negretti, the founder of ¿Oíste?, the first and only state-wide Latino political organization in Massachusetts, made us proud while she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. This morning, she taped a segment for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The show wanted a Latina delegate’s voice for their convention coverage. Felicidades!

When Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, is having a party, don’t be late. Earlier this week, the king of libertarian comedy hosted one of the more sought-after events, sponsored by Trojan Condoms and Rolling Stone. Once Maher took the stage, he ordered the door closed in order to avoid irksome interruptions from any stragglers.

Mike Ross is a Boston City Councilor, pledged delegate for Barack Obama, and one of our MySpace top friends.