Dane Cook Has His Day

1220019604There are many institutions and people that deserve their own day. Dunkin’ Donuts free iced coffee day, for example. We’re also big supporters of Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.

You can now add Dane Cook to that list. Yes, the City of Boston will declare September 17 to be Dane Cook Day.

This may be the one time that the Arlington native manages to coax a chuckle out of us.

We can see it now. The city puts up posters for Cook’s latest movie, My Best Friend’s Girl. The comedian sees the image, which he railed against on his MySpace blog, and pouts through the entire ceremony.

To cheer him up, Mayor Tom Menino will attempt the SU-FI in front of a bank of photographers. Then Dot Joyce will have to explain to the papers that Menino thought he was “speaking in Italian” and that Hizzoner did not know Cook’s gesture means either “F—K YOURSELF YOU F—ING NOTHING PUDDLE OF F—KDEW” or “You can’t f—k with the truth and I appreciate that you would indicate that to me with a flash of the SU-FI,” depending on the context.

Now that would be funny.

What the #*$! Are You Laughing At?

Image from IMDb.com