Weekend Redux: What You Missed

1220361418 Why hello, Ms. Not-Romney. We learned that Sarah Palin is quite the staunch conservative, and also a former beauty queen. She’s also three years younger than Barack Obama and has even less political experience than the Illinois senator. So this is either a brilliant move, or it’ll be cited as the moment where John McCain’s campaign started to tank.

It seems that one Massachusetts governor might be headed for a national position. Mitt Romney’s supporters say they think he would be offered a cabinet position in the McCain administration.

Prepare for a mass exodus from the bars at 12:30—cab fares just went up. But they city’s cabs will all be hybrids by 2015.

Hope you didn’t have much hope of getting peace and quiet after Boston passed an ordinance that requires college students to live in groups of four or less. Many landlords and tenants aren’t complying, and there isn’t much the city can do to stop the practice.

Hazel Mae might be going national. The Herald reports that the former NESN anchor couldn’t strike a deal with Channel 4, and that she has a new gig with the MLB Network.

The kids are coming back, but in yet another high gas prices trend story, they’re bringing less stuff with them. Some families are even leaving one parent behind to save a few bucks.

Although families don’t seem to have a problem buying a bunch of crap when they get to Boston. The streets of student neighborhoods are loaded with piles of garbage as apartments change hands.

Want to buy a condo? You’d better start sucking up to co-op boards, which still have the right to reject you.

Remember to always lock up your bike, kids. Thefts are on the rise.

Hurricane Gustav is ruining the Republicans’ party. The GOP has shortened its convention, and will raise money for relief efforts during the event.

Happy Labor Day! Bet you really enjoyed your day off. Unless you had to work at the Republican National Convention.

“It’s stupid; it’s bad,” snapped Sam Fusco, a retired member of the painters’ union visiting the fair from Roberts, Wis., who dropped by the labor pavilion with his wife.

Marlborough Mayor Nancy Stevens is in a fight with a cable access wrestling star over some missing equipment. We say they should settle it by hitting each other with folding chairs.