Your Sept. 2 Apartment Options

1220371849We were young once, and through the haze of Jaeger and the passage of time, we do have some memories of putting things off until the last possible minute. While most off-campus college students moved in yesterday, we’re sure there are some Boston College sophomores who are couch-surfing until they can sign a lease.

Fear not, procrastinating young’uns. There are still plenty of realtors posting empty units on Craigslist today.

5 Bedroom, Cleveland Circle
This Chiswick Road duplex has 2 full baths, two “very large” bedrooms and three “decent sized” bedrooms, along with parking for three cars. But don’t be afraid to negotiate—we wouldn’t take this place unless it comes with the sweet road cone pictured in the listing.

“4-5 large bedrooms,” Jamaica Plain
This apartment near the Forest Hills T stop was recently renovated, and comes with a pool table. Hook up Guitar Hero, and you’ve got yourself a party.

4 bedroom, Oak Square
Nothing says classy like outdated floral wallpaper paired with a Corona Light poster. While this spot might not come with a pool table, there is a lush backyard for fall and spring outdoor parties.

4 bedroom, Brighton Center
We love the third picture in this listing. A young man sits in the narrow corridor between his bed and a pile of his belongings against the opposite wall. You can almost smell the mixture of Axe body spray and unwashed laundry that is the trademark scent of the male undergrad.

4 bedroom, Porter Square
Holy fug wallpaper (third row, second picture). We wish we could click it for a closer look at exactly what’s going on with that pattern.

4 bedroom, Beacon Hill
We don’t care if the unit is wired for eight telephone lines or equipped with top-of-the-line kitchen appliances—unless you’re Clark Rockefeller and you might need to craft a new identity at a moment’s notice, you should buy if you’re going to drop this much on rent.