The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (yup, we’re back to full Fridays edition).

Welcome to Boston, kids: Thanks a lot for making our bus late.

So long, Sidekick? We hear the Globe is forsaking the section for a “G” thing.

He’s not scared to fly, he’s not that naive: We investigate the connection between Clark Rockefeller and Clark Kent.

The New Kids return with The Block: But perhaps all is not well in Boston’s biggest boy band.

Pay attention: Bristol Palin can learn a lot from Gloucester’s pregnant teenagers.

Jason Varitek has 99 problems: But a pitch ain’t one.

Inside Rutman’s Violins: Matthew Reed Baker watches the master craftsman at work.

Tom Menino says arrivederci to Boston: But spokeswoman Dot Joyce is happy to stay home.

Pedroia for MVP? We think one of his teammates deserves it more.

Good Tommy / Bad Tommy: Keohane reviews the week in Menino.

Got smokes? If not, you’d better get them now before the city officials restrict tobacco access.

Tom Brady—hottie and real estate tycoon? Francis Storrs reviews the quarterback’s shrewd moves.

Duck, duck, coffee table book: We talk to one of the authors of A Duck’s Eye View of Boston.

Now, where’d we put those damn keys? The Longfellow Bridge’s decorative cast iron trim is the area’s most recent high-profile loss.

Mitt in 2012! The Hill and the Hall gives us hope.

Feasting on Youkilis: We determine whether one can live on foodstuffs endorsed by the Red Sox first baseman.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be battening down the hatches for Hanna.