Patriots Cheerleader Calendar Drops on 9/11

On Thursday, Americans will mark the seventh anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. The presidential candidates will appear at Ground Zero. At Logan, people can stop and collect their thoughts at the new Airport 9/11 Memorial.

1220903338For the past seven years, the day has been marked by solemn remembrance. Which is why we were surprised to hear that the launch party for the Patriots Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar will be held Thursday evening in Foxboro.

“It was the first date that worked for all parties,” Regan Communication’s Marci Tyldesley, the PR person for the event tells Boston Daily in an email. “[It’s] based on when the calendars were coming in, the cheerleaders’ appearance/practice schedule [and] CBS Scene’s schedule.”

Tyldesley tells us that the attacks won’t be marked during the event, but that the calendar features photographs from the cheerleaders’ overseas visits with the troops. “We feel that there are several poignant remembrances and memorials that day and we expect that people will reflect in many of them,” Tyldesley writes.