Missing Property by the Numbers

1220989097We love to read about the famous people who have abandoned property with the state. It’s a motley crew—from Whitey Bulger to the New Kids on the Block, and it seems everyone who’s someone has property left behind.

But how can these local notables spend their abandoned cash once it’s been claimed? Let’s examine the possibilities.

According to the Herald, former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has $121.40 in abandoned property. That would buy about 10 orders of Shiitake-Leek Springrolls with Three Chile Dipping Sauce at Blue Ginger.

The Wellesley restaurant’s owner, Ming Tsai, has $921 coming to him from the state. That could buy him seven seats behind home plate at Nomar’s new home, Dodger Stadium. (The same amount would get Tsai two seats in the Dugout Box at Fenway Park.)

Legal Sea Foods is owed $5,103 from the Treasurer’s Office. That would buy the chain’s president and CEO, Roger Berkowitz, 3,001 rides on the MBTA. That’s assuming the T didn’t take away his Charlie Card after the halibut kerfuffle.

And the New Kids on the Block have $827 in cash and stocks waiting to be claimed. That sum could buy 63 copies of The Block, or 10 of the best seats in the TB Banknorth Garden for the band’s Sept. 28 show.

If you’d like to get in on the good times, you can search this database of abandoned property. We’re sad to report that we don’t have any forgotten money waiting for us, so we hope our friends who do are willing to pick up the tab.